Jewelry, Guns and Silverware on the Homeowners Policy

Question: Does my homeowners policy cover jewelry, guns and silverware? What about other valuables in my home?

That’s an excellent question, and one that is frequently asked by our customers. Most families own jewelry and other valuable items that may need special coverage.

Your homeowners policy covers all personal property owned or used by your family, with exceptions for motor vehicles, trailers and watercraft, among other things.

However, special coverage may be needed for some items of personal property, because the typical homeowners policy either limits the amount of coverage available on those items or doesn’t adequately address the unique values of the items. In addition, most homeowners policies don’t cover causes of loss that affect items of valuable property with regularity.

Here are examples of losses that may not be covered by your policy:

  • Expensive jewelry is especially susceptible to loss by theft, as are guns, furs and silverware. For this reason, virtually all insurance companies provide only a small amount of coverage for theft of these items. The limit may be as low as $500 on some policies.
  • Some policies provide a limited amount of coverage on personal property when it is away from your home. If you take expensive jewelry or guns with you when you travel, this could be a problem.
  • Most policies don’t cover precious stones if they are lost from their settings, or fragile objects if they are dropped and broken.
  • Antiques, fine art and other collectibles may not be covered for their full values.

If you own any of the following types of property, talk to your agent about the need for special coverage that will provide the protection you need:

  • Jewelry or Watches
  • Furs
  • Coin or Stamp Collections
  • Precious or Semi-Precious Stones
  • Firearms and Related Equipment
  • Silverware, Goldware or Platinumware and Related Objects
  • Objects of Fine Art
  • Collectibles
  • Cameras
  • Musical Instruments


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Why should you buy insurance from an independent insurance agency?

Today’s consumer has three choices when making a decision to purchase insurance products:

  • independent agent
  • captive agent
  • direct writer

An independent agent is one who is self-employed, is paid on commission and represents multiple insurance companies. Independent agents save customers time by shopping on their behalf for both the best price and the best coverage.

A captive agent or exclusive agent is an employee of only one insurance company and is restricted by agreement from submitting business to any other company unless it is first rejected by the agent’s captive company (State Farm, Farmers, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, etc.).

A direct writer is an insurance company that sells directly to the consumer with no agent involved (GEICO, USAA, Esurance, etc.).

Of the top 50 property/casualty insurance companies in Texas, ranked by total premium volume written, more than half are available to independent agents

Independent agents

  • Are free to place a client’s insurance with any company the agency represents
  • Evaluate the insurance needs of clients and recommend the best coverage to meet those needs; they do not set insurance prices or pay claims
  • Help customers through the claims process in dealing with the insurance company
  • Write 80 percent of the $12 billion in commercial insurance purchased in Texas each year
  • Handle insurance for about 1 million Texas home owners
  • Write about 2.8 million auto insurance policies every year

Hill Insurance Agency LP is an independent insurance agency and a member of the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas (IIAT).  We represent a number a national and regional insurance carriers, and have broker relationships with access to over 200 carriers.